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Gömböc 2018 in Rio de Janeiro

November 16th 2018.

The world-famous research institute put the Gömböc on permanent exhibit.
IMPA (Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada) is the most important Brazilian research institute in mathematics and it is a center of worldwide reputation.
Stephen Smale was among its visitors and faculty includes renowned scientists like Enrique Pujals or Jacob Palis

Director Marcelo Viana (shown above with Gömböc 2018), recipient of the ICTP Ramanujan Prize and the Guggenheim Fellowship is not only an internationally recognized authority on dynamical systems theory but also an ardent popularizer of mathematics. 

As part of this activity he is a columnist of the Brazilian daily newspaper Folha  where he recently published an article on the Gömböc.  IMPA played a central role in the organization of the largest mathematical event, the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2018.  The success of this conference may have contributed to the decision to select Gömböc 2018 as a permanent exhibit at the Institute.

IMPA posted an article on its website where Gömböc 2018 also appeared on the title page (shown below).

The production of the 90mm tall Gömböc, made of Aluminium-Silicium-Magnesium alloy was sponsored by Mr Otto Albrecht.





The Gömböc and America's Cup
November 18th 2018.

Gömböc 2018 in Rio de Janeiro
November 16th 2018.

Gömböc-inspired pictures in Beijing and Antwerp
November 11th 2018.

Lindsay France/Cornell Brand Communications
Gömböc 1865 at Cornell
October 28th 2018

Gömböc 108 in Kalimpong
September 23rd 2018.

Gömböc 1877 in Tokyo
September 17th 2018.

The Gömböc at the Royal Institution
July 5th 2018.

Gömböc 1917 in Bangkok
April 4th 2018.

The Gömböc at Lisson Gallery
March 1st 2018.

The Gömböc is available in New York
February 16th 2018.

The Gömböc in Bangkok
January 16th 2018.

Gömböc statue in Budapest
December 21st 2017.

The Gömböc helps to decode interstellar asteroid's mysterious shape
December 18th 2017.

The Gömböc on the poster of the American Mathematical Society
October 20th 2017.

Gömböc booklet
October 3rd 2017.

The Gömböc in Barcelona
July 20th 2017.

The Gömböc in Tokyo
May 9th 2017.

Gömböc 1348 and Gömböc 0013 at Windsor Castle
April 9th 2017.

Gömböc 1883 and Gömböc 2016 at the University of Auckland
March 26th 2017.

February 15th 2017.
Gömböc 1785 at the University of Georgia
February 15th 2017.

Gömböc at the WAFR conference
December 22nd 2016.

Gömböc 001 at the Steklov Institute
December 20th 2016.

Gomboc Light will be available soon
November 30th 2016.

Gömböc-inspired pictures in Berlin, London, Hong Kong and Beijing
October 29th 2016.

Gömböc 1746 in Princeton
August 15th 2016,

Gömböc 1910 in South Africa
November 27th, 2015.

Gömböc 2015 made from titanium
November 16th, 2015.

Cutting-edge drone design inspired by the Gömböc
October 23rd, 2015.

The Gömböc helps to decode the history of pebbles on Mars
October 13th 2015.

Gömböc 1855 at Penn State University
October 15th 2015.

Gömböc 1409 in Leipzig
July 15th 2015.

Hands-on Gömböc display at the Great Market Hall
June 18th 2015.

The Gömböc chosen as prize by the National Blood Transfusion Service
April 29th 2015.

The Gömböc at the Bocuse d'Or World Cooking Contest
January 28th 2015.

The Gömböc in Montevideo
December 13th 2014.

Photo credit: Reka Domokos
The Gömböc became the "Object of the Month" in France
April 15th, 2014.

Award-winning Gömböc photo in the UK
April 5th 2014.

Gömböc 2013 in Oxford
March 26th 2014.

Cedric Villani on the Gömböc
December 7th 2013.

Gömböc movies
November 3rd 2013.

The Gömböc and the turtles on the cover in Seoul
August 1st 2013.

Vice President Dr. Ken McGillivray from the University of Waterloo and Jim Cooper, Presoident and CE
Gömböc 1988 is donated by Maplesoft to the University of Waterloo
April 24th 2013.

The Gömböc in the book of Cédric Villani
November 17th 2012.

Gömböc 1737 in Göttingen
November 12th 2012.

Gömböc 1823 at the Bolyai Museum
November 2nd 2012.

Gömböc 1729 and Stephen Fry
September 14th 2012.

Alastair Dutton, Programme Manager, The Crown Estate, presenting the RenewableUK and The Crown Estat
Gömböc 1821 at the British Crown Estate
June 15th 2012.

Gömböc 1802 at the Hungarian National Museum
April 20th 2012.

Gömböc 100 at the Kepes Center
Gömböc 100 at the Kepes Center
March 1st 2012.

Gömböc is the Stephen Smale Prize
July 14th 2011.

Cedric Villani and Gömböc 1928
Gömböc 1928 in Paris
May 1st 2011.

Photo: Gert Kiermeyer
Gömböc in the Halle Opera House
February 25th 2011.

The Gömböc in the book series of the American Mathematical Society
January 15th 2011.

Gömböc stamp
May 1st 2010.

the Gömböc at the World Expo
May 1st 2010.

Gömböc film wins in Berlin
April 24st. 2010.

Professor Gabor Makara, president of HSRF
Gömböc 1000 presented by HSRF
November 24th, 2009.

József Pálinkás, Catherine Cesarsky, Gábor Domokos
Gömböc 1825 at the HAS
November 3rd 2009.

Success in Nurenberg
November 11th 2009.

April 22nd 2009.
Gömböc 1209 in Cambridge
April 22nd 2009.

The Gömböc and the turtles in the Natural History Magazine
March 10th 2009.

The Gömböc on BBC channel one
February 7th 2009.

Gömböc 1546 at Trinity College, Cambridge.
February 4th 2009.

Giant Gömböc 8
December 22nd 2008.

The first Gömböc made from Herend porcelain
October 28th 2008.

Vice-president Julia Király and the inventors
Gömböc 1924 at the Hungarian National Bank
September 17th 2008.

R. McNeill Alexander; photo: John Hutchinson
Professor Alexander on the Turtles and the Gömböc
May 24th 2008

The Gömböc in the MIX Future Interiors magazine
March 29th 2008.

The Gömböc at the Expo in Shanghai
March 18th, 2008.

Gömböc 100 at the Palace of Arts in Budapest
Budapest, March 15th 2008.

President  dr. Miklós Bendzsel receives Gömböc 1896
Gömböc 1896 at the Hungarian Patent Office
December 18th 2007. The renowned institution picked the year of its foundation

The article in the New York Times Magazine
The Gömböc in the New York Times Magazine
December 9th 2007.

Nature reports on the paper
The Gömböc and the Turtles in the news of Nature Magazine
October 17th 2007

Knight's Cross for the Gömböc, Gömböc for Arnold
Moscow, August 20th 2007.

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